Goal Setting 101

Following on from my Self-Assessment 101 video Using the goal setting worksheet template found on the triariusproject.com website, you can set more effective goals, and overcome them with greater clarity, motivation and success.

1. Write down every goal you can think of, no matter how large or small, crazy, unlikely or even mundane.

2. Categorise each goal according to a possible and realistic time frame – I use the examples of 10 years+; 5 years; 1 year; 1 month; 1 week. Its up to you.

3. Assign a life category to each goal (use the ones on the Triarius Project Life Wheel; Zig Ziglar’s life wheel; Vishen Lakhiani’s 12 areas of balance; Tony Robbins – Health, Money, Body categories; or just set own.

4. For each time category, pick the one goal that most jumps out at you, or hold the most appeal or significance, and highlight it. This is your TOP goal for that time category.

5. Transfer each of your TOP goals onto separate sheets of paper (or use the Triarius Project Goal Setting Worksheet template in the triariusproject.com resources section).

6. For each TOP goal, now write a list of all the possible LIMITING STEPS you can think of. These are the obstacles that prevent you realising that goal.

7. Add a timeframe for each limiting step that you think will reasonably take you to eliminate it. (e.g. reading a particular book, or doing a course etc.)

8. Next to each of these, write down a reward that you will give yourself for eliminating the limiting step. The more significant the limiting step, the greater should be the reward. When you’ve ticked off all the limiting steps, and met your objective goal, give yourself a really big reward!

Please also see the other templates we have on assessment, goal setting and psychometric evaluation, which will help you achieve the success you want. I hope you enjoy the content. Please leave your comments, experiences and suggestions!

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