6 Months Keto and Wim Hof update

An update on my ongoing management after the 5 day water fast. I transitioned into a keto diet, maintaining fairly well within the guidelines of keto eating. I also continued almost daily my WIM HOF routine, taking a daily cold shower (having transitioned from just showering limbs with cold water as suggested by Wim).

My breathing routine was 3 sets of 30 breaths (the basic routine outlined in Wims methods. A really nice youtube channel with lots of variations is the “Take a deep breath” channel that has a range of different Wim Hof breath options with music, that you can use to guide your breathing exercises.

Some observations over the last 6 months to summarise: * I ended up dropping over 11kg, and pretty much kept it off.

* I didn’t find the diet too onerous – steamed vegetables and salads were a part of each meal, and over time, I also noticed my appetite reduced, as did my volume of consumed food – for example, I’d be full with a steak and salad, whereas in the past I would definitely be up for seconds.

* I did notice the dreaded “keto flu” that is reported by many other people that have undergone a keto diet. In my case it was a definite loss of energy and power. Performance in the gym dropped by at least 20%. In my case it began about 4-6 weeks into keto, and lasted for at least 6 months. This was a big surprise to me, as i had expected to adapt much more quickly. Given that it can take a substantial length of time to develop the mitochondrial machinery within the cells to burn fats efficiently (as opposed to glycogen), it should not be surprising that in a middle aged adult used to eating a carb dominant diet all his life, it would take a significant length of time for the body to remodel its fuel burning systems. Big lesson in patience for anyone trying Keto! My advice – persist anyway, in time, my energy did return to normal.

* I found that cravings were manageable very quickly, and only rarely did i fall off the wagon.

* However, I did reach a plateau after 6 months, so perhaps some other reboot strategies may be in order – another fast, or changed/increased training schedule.

* My blood readings for ketones settled very quickly into the 1- 1.5 range and this is in line with what I have seen reported by others – who also report an initial big shift then hovering around 1.0 thereafter.

*I will put up a video in future on specifically on keto and some eating strategies to help you.

* In terms of wim hof method, my breath holds also seemed to plateau to just over 2 minutes, though i had expected them to increase over time. This breath hold plateau seemed unusual and may suggest that i need to increase the sets or breaths per set. Let me know what your own experiences are, as well as any suggestions you have for breaking through the plateau.

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