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To be a Roman Triarius was not just to be a hardened veteran of many battles. You were more than just a survivor. Relentless and resolute; dependable, steadfast and loyal.

Triarii held the last line of defence, brought decisively into battle when younger troops faltered or fled. And yet, they were citizen soldiers, not professionals. Middle aged, with a life outside the legion. Men of standing in their communities: educated, successful and respected. Proud to serve their country. They inspired the inexperienced men around them by their valour, leaving a legacy of strength and honour that would shape the Roman martial spirit for a millennium.

Long after they ceased to exist; when things had reached rock bottom in life and there seemed to be no way out of a crisis; Romans would still say:

“It has come to the Triarii”

If you are a man who has hit rock bottom; if you have found yourself overwhelmed by the slings and arrows of life and cannot see a way out; if your world has crumbled around you and you no longer know who you are….

It is time to dig in; to push back; to overcome.

Decide today that you will make a stand. Rebuild yourself. Re-educate yourself. Renew your spirit. Leave a legacy.
Welcome to the Triarius Project

A community dedicated to helping men who have their backs to the wall, to rebuild their strength and regain their pride and their honour.

Triarius Project - Dr. Allan Kalamir - A Gen-X doctor

About Me

I’m Dr. Allan Kalamir. A Gen-X professional who, like many of my generation in their mid forties, was a hard working, devoted husband and father.

Life seemed to be going well, and then slowly but surely, my marriage gradually began unravelling despite all my best efforts. Irreconcilable differences ultimately led to divorce, leaving me in significant debt, deteriorating health, and ultimately purposeless with a shattered identity. Like many of my generation, I could not understand how or why this was happening. I was in a very dark place. My world had utterly collapsed around me. I started to believe it might be better off without me.

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Thankfully, I had a couple of good mates who looked out for me. I had a supportive family I could lean on. And I had a background in research. So I began to scour the internet for resources that could help me recover. While there was no shortage of books, podcasts and YouTube videos, they were often long, tedious and difficult to relate to. It took a while, but I emerged stronger, with a new lease on life. I still couldn’t comprehend just how close I came to oblivion. It was time for me to give something back. I wanted to put together content that was succinct; both instructive and inspirational to other men like me. To create a community. It would be therapeutic for me and maybe it would even help save somebody’s life.

To me the Triarius represented everything a middle-aged man should be: successful, strong, respected, courageous, inspirational, unyielding. He seemed a perfect representation of the seasoned man who refuses to surrender.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you benefit from the content. Please contribute if you wish, and help lift other men who could use a hand.