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A community dedicated to helping men, particularly divorced fathers, who have their backs to the wall, to rebuild their strength and regain their pride and their honour.

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I’m Dr. Allan Kalamir. A Gen-X doctor who, like many of my generation in their mid forties, was a hard working, devoted husband and father.

Life seemed pretty good, yet I slowly began to notice my marriage was unravelling and I eventually found myself divorced, in debt, deteriorating health, and ultimately with a shattered identity and purposeless. Like many of my generation, I could not understand how or why this was happening. I was in a very dark place. My world had utterly collapsed around me. I started to believe it might be better off without me.

Triarius Project - Dr. Allan Kalamir - A Gen-X doctor

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Our youtube channel contains a series of videos designed to help you make sense of your predicament and forge a way toward a new, more successful life

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In this modern world of rapid change and fluid values, many men are finding themselves divorced, sick and broke, with few available resources to help them rebuild their lives. Triarius Project is committed to helping men overcome these challenges and get on with living life to the fullest. Please feel free to get in touch with us and help to build a community of mutual support, to minimise the epidemic of suicide among men.