The Fourth Turning: Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z navigating the current Crisis

Economic uncertainty, rising geopolitical tension, social unrest and the loss of trust in government, institutions and leaders. All of this heightened anxiety only contributes to the ongoing sense of dread being experienced by ordinary people as we try to make sense of our lives in an increasingly uncertain world.

I recently read a book, first published almost 30 years ago, which back then, predicted much of what we are seeing unfold in the world today. These predictions weren’t based on some psychic mumbo jumbo, or even paranoid doomsday pessimism, but on the perception of time – in sociological terms, as being cyclical rather than linear, or random. A phenomenon the ancients understood very well but that our civilisation seems to have forgotten. The result has been skyrocketing levels of anxiety and spiralling levels of depression, along with the foreboding sense that things can only get worse, with no clear way out.

Having read “The Fourth Turning”, by William Howe and Neil Strauss, it seemed like a veil had been lifted from my eyes, and I suddenly began to feel less pessimistic about the future. So in this video, I’m going to share the main premise and key takeaways from the book, and hopefully give you a few reasons to feel less anxious yourself. Oh and if you’re a boomer or Gen Xer, the bonus will be that you’ll maybe even get a couple of surprising insights into your millennial and Gen Z kids.

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