Tying dropper loops for a paternoster rig

In a previous fishing video I mentioned that I would show you how to tie a simple drop line off the main line, that was easy, quick, and didn’t need the use of a swivel.

Once you’ve done it a few times, you can do it in the dark, without need of tools or cutting and tying ends. Another advantage of this simple loop style is that it is easy to attach a hook- again without needing to tie knots, which is also great if fishing in the dark.

Dad also shows another excellent method, which is better for longer drop lines. Both styles can have you use the loop itself, or you can cut one end of the loop close to the knot for a single line to be tied to a hook if that is what you wish.

Typically a paternoster rig uses two such loops 400-500mm apart, with the sinker tied another 500mm or so at the end of the line. The paternoster rig is a useful rig in many situations, including surf as well as estuary fishing, typically for flathead, bream, trevally and whiting, though it can also be used from boats for deep down reef fishing, where some fishermen make 3, 4 or more dropper loops. Its not rare to sometimes catch multiple fish on the same cast. I hope you find this rig useful!

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