Psych K Basic Workshop Review

I first came across Psych K by watching personal development videos posted by author and speaker Bruce Lipton, PhD.
In one of his videos he talks about there being several methods to change the established programs of the subconscious:

1. Repetition
2. Hypnosis
3. Shock event in your life
4. The so-called “energy therapies” of which he speaks particularly fondly of Psych K, in particular he claims that these modalities afford the fastest ways of altering programmed subconscious states.
So my interest turned to searching for a seminar or workshop I could attend – which I did in Sydney in 2019.

You can contact Psych K organisations at
This video outlines my general impressions as well as a brief outline of what you can expect. I have not described the technique in detail as it is beyond the scope of this video and may also infringe the rights of owners of the technique. Nevertheless, I’ve tried to cut through the hype and fluff to give you a reasonable assessment and help you decide if Psych K is something you want to experience or learn for yourself.

Notice of Non affiliation and disclaimer:

I am in no way affiliated or representative of PsychK, Rob Williams or his method, companies or subsidiaries. The content of this video and the ideas presented are based on my own experience of attending the technique at my own expense.

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