Garbage in – Garbage out

In today’s video I discuss the importance of monitoring the presence of unwanted external inputs into your mind.
I was listening to a talk given by Vic Johnson, who compared the effect of TV, media and other people’s agendas to someone dumping their garbage into your loungeroom. Just as we wouldn’t allow anybody to dump their physical garbage, so we should guard against the dumping of psychological garbage into our mind.
Other teachers such as Brian Tracy and Dennis Waitley have spoken about television in particular, and how there are statistics that show a proportionate relationship between poverty and the amount of time spent watching TV. That is, poor people tend to have the TV on almost constantly (even as background noise), and the TV is itself positioned in the main room of the house; while rich people have a separate room for it, rarely watch it, and when they do, they are very selective about the content.
Dennis Waitley further says that the time between 6pm and 10pm, when most people are passively being entertained by TV, is when fortunes are being planned and made by the successful.

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